Hiring the right photographer to take images for you; no matter what you need photographing, can be a challenge. The first thing, when looking for a photographer, should be to check they actually offer the service you need. Many photographers specialise in a particular sector and, while excellent in one area, may struggle with others. A fashion photographer; although competent at fashion photography, may not be the best person to shoot a wedding. A wedding photographer may find sports photography tricky. Different scenarios can require different photography skills, experience and equipment. Asking a sports photographer to photograph the fine detail of jewellery would probably not yield great results. Make sure they offer property photography. Don't just take their word for it either. Ask to see some examples of their work. A reputable, practising photographer should have a body of past image examples they can show you. As a properly photographer, I carry and use specialist wide angle lenses that are designed for architecture. I also encourage new clients to explore examples of my work