Time-Lapse Photography...

Watching a prolonged project in real-time is considered my most to be impractical and dull. However, with the use of Time-lapse photography, it's possible to document and condense a lengthy activity to watchable, interesting and usable footage.

For example, Rob was asked to capture the creation of a mural by artist Gregorio Mancino at a Childrens' Hospital in Moscow, Russia. Captured over several hours, the final result was condensed to a few seconds:

Time-lapse is an excellent way to capture processes that take several minutes, hours or even days to complete. Uses Examples include stand building and stage rigging, mural painting and the creation of works of art, capturing traffic flow or construction work.

Digital Photography by Rob Holding will process the captured still images to create time-lapse video footage. This in tern, can be added to other footage or used as a stand-alone piece to use in your presentations, adverts or archives etc. Please watch the following video for Lloyds bank as an examples